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chode's Journal
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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
4:26 pm
where are u
i can't find my rancid cd, i might of let somebody barrow it but i doubt that since i usually remember doing that. i am starting to notice alot of my friends are blowing our stupid little insignifiant into little wars(i know i do this my self so i am also bitching about myself) but some of this shit makes me sick.

starting new journal as soon as ashly gives me her code so start looking for a new name around it will probably be me, it will be friends only so add me to buddy list and i will evaluate coolness.

peace out.

Current Mood: bye
Monday, September 23rd, 2002
7:05 pm
howdy kids
this might be the last journal entry in this live journal so leyts make it fun.
shit did today:
went to school, relized i left notebook at home with home work in it, played get my hat back, went to goverment listened to lawless's fun, registered to vote, went to english slept, went to drama, i usually love that class but i felt like killing the world, went to the sci wing, sat around and talked to jamie and andy(the lab i was suposed to be working on was in my notebook) went to graphic design girl went into schock stood outin the hall me and karan hinemen talked about our only commen intrests which we have 3(hannah, speech and hateing posers) talked to mrs. B droped kyle off came home, picked up mom ordered 3 cd's and a hoodie off hopless records web site, updated.

i have narrowed the surch to 2 names for my new lj
1: never again
2: anything but u

please vote in a orderly fassion
Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
4:24 pm
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Friday, September 20th, 2002
11:16 pm
nights like tonight
i love nights like this cold enough to wear a jaket but not cold enough to snow, and the moon was out god i feal corney. school was pretty ok, i am doing my term paper on pol pot(cambodian gynacydle dictator)did a good lab in pys. am doing oc, ian(my freshman) is also doing oc. but i was tired and had to go to work and this kid nate harland kept saying shit and i chucked a plate at his head, my manager let me go home, went to the show mad didn't go in beth and maridith made me happyier saw miko and all my other chums, need sleep see all yas at raiders sat hopefully.

Current Mood: u can die
Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
5:21 pm
pink shorts suck
i love being around sam and kyle, we do the stupidist things and then laugh about them for hours, today me and kyle beat these girls home and parked in there driveway and then left when they got there, and for some reason we could'nt stop laughing about it.
talked to my parents today abouts car, they get all sorts of pissy. i wanted to go skate with mears or even just hang but i can't. damn

Current Mood: like i suck
Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
10:33 pm
now or never
monday i was suposed to get a root cannal, i was like now or never, it hurts more to eat for the rest of my life so fuck it, they come in take one x- ray, they go off, the assitiant comes in and set up a little tray and then left i sat there for a half hour then the dentist walks in shows me the x-ray, tells me the what he has to do, then says i think i am done, and walks the fuck off, so not only do i need to make another appoint ment (oct 16) i can't comfortably eat had or cold food. plus my parrents need to pay for another x-ray and i wasted like an hour hearing the same shit my last dentist told me, FUCk i hate this, but the worst part is it falls at the beginning of speech season, i don't want to just have oral surgery and then go do my oc. i was pissed so i went to mears(cheered me right up) we went skateing fun fun fun, then ryons for a movie. my parrent were pissed that i didn't come home till 9:30 but i figure that i got a day off work wasted might as well make the most of it.

woke up late, hurt my nipple first hour it throbed for the rest of the day, forgot my gov letter(course requirement) failed my physiliology test, fucked up my thing in gd went to speech tryouts(only high part of day) am doing oc and hopefully dda.

i used to be alot like u now i am only ME

Current Mood: it was bad
Sunday, September 15th, 2002
6:18 pm
just a little bit of bass with a little bit of drum
sittin around alot. time to buy a new cd wallet, got my raise at work so i am not quiting, miss everyone since school started, i geta root cannal tomarrow, giddy bitchi get to wake up at the same time for work as i do school,i work from 8 till 3 on weekends(like i am still at school) board, tired,

If u had to decribe me to a somebody, what would u say?

Current Mood: BITCH
5:36 pm

[x.] name = jacob
[x.] birthday = August 6, 1984
[x.] piercings = 2 in nippos
[x.] tattoos = none yet
[x.] height = ?
[x.] shoe size = 12
[x.] hair color = brown
x.] length = it still on my head
[x.] siblings = 3
[x.] pets = 1 hampster


[x.] movie you rented = a bunch
[x.] movie you bought = hannabial
[x.] song you listened to = boy sets fire- after the eulogy
[x.] song that was stuck in your head = atom and his package- upside down
[x.] song you've downloaded = ludicris contry grammar
[x.] cd you bought = boy sets fire-live for today and the crying, the screaming, my voive is being born
[x.] cd you listened to = live for today
[x.] person you've called = chelsea
[x.] person that's called you = work
[x.] tv show you've watched = some movie on movie plex
[x.] person you were thinking of = my grandpa


[x.] you have a bf or gf = no
[x.] you have a crush on someone = emotionioal or physical?
[x.] you wish you could live somewhere else = on my own
[x.] you think about suicide = sometimes
[x.] you believe in online dating = no
[x.] others find you attractive = u answer that
[x.] you want more piercings = yes
[x.] you want more tattoos = yes
[x.] you drink = not anymore
[x.] you do drugs = not any more
[x.] you smoke = not any more
[x.] you like cleaning = no
[x.] you like roller coasters = not really
[x.] you write in cursive or print = type
[x.] you carry a donor card = yes

for or against..

[x.] teenage smoking = against
[x.] doing drugs = unless u are a dumb ass
[x.] premarital sex = depends on the person
[x.] driving drunk = people who dui need to die
[x.] soap operas = Against


[x.] tv show = siffle and ollie
[x.] thing in the world = love
[x.] thing to collect = ?
[x.] colors of all time =red
[x.] thing to do on a rainy day = think of how beautiful a rainy day is
[x.] feeling in the world = love


[x.] food = as lond as the meat is not loose
[x.] song = love em all
[x.] thing to do = masturbate
[x.] sports = ? does the above stated answer count as a sport
[x.] drinks = dr pepper
[x.] clothes = thursday hoodie
[x.] movies = requimn for a dream
[x.] band = all of um
[x.] holiday = halloween(great deals on room lights)

have you...

[x.] ever cried over a guy = ? no
[x.] ever lied to someone = yes mostly cops
[x.] ever been in a fist fight = i was jumped
[x.] ever been arrested = questioned many a time but never arrested


[x.] shampoo do you use = green bottle
[x.] perfume do you use = ?
[x.] shoes do you wear = walks or vans
[x.] are you scared of = mears turning into a big horriable thing with a vagina and destroying the world in his simbiant suit


[x.] of times I have been in love?: ?
[x.] of continents I have lived in?: 1
[x.] of drugs taken illegally?: 3 or 4
[x.] of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: 1
[x.] of people I consider my enemies?: all are chodes friends
[x.] of cd's that I own?: more that 124
[x.] of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a few
[x.] of scars on my body?: a bunch
[x.] of things in my past that I regret?: almost everything

Have you ever...

[x.] Fallen for your best friend? yes
[x.] Made out with JUST a friend? yes
[x.] Been in love? probably not
[x.] Cheated on someone? no cheating is for assholes

Who was the last person...

[x.] You touched? my self
[x.] You talked to? my momy
[x.] You hugged? chelsea

Have you/are you/do you....

[x.] Considered a life of crime? yes
[x.] Considered being a hooker? no one would pay for me
[x.] Considered being a pimp? count the times
[x.] Are you psycho? nope
[x.] Split personalities? we are all ok
[x.] Schizophrenic? no
[x.] Obsessive comulsive? about some things
[x.] Panic? alot
[x.] Anxiety? alot
[x.] Depressed? when ever i am not happy
[x.] Suicidal? sometimes
[x.] Obsessed with hate? no
[x.] Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? ? to many
[x.] Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? a few
[x.] Understanding: most ofthe time
[x.] Open-minded: try to be
[x.] Interesting: ami
[x.] Hungry: not really
[x.] Friendly: yes
[x.] Childish: a wee bit
[x.] Healthy: ? i guess
[x.] Shy: no
[x.] Difficult: oui
[x.] Attractive: ?
[x.] Thirsty: a little
[x.] Responsible: i guess
[x.] Sad: if the mood hits me
[x.] Happy: when there is something to be happy about
[x.] Trusting: of some people
[x.] Talkative: sometimes
[x.] Different: as diffrent as one could be
[x.] Lonely: now
[x.] Have tattoos? no
[x.] Piercings? i already told u
[x.] Have a boyfriend? No
[x.] Floss daily? no
[x.] Own a webcam? Nope
[x.] Ever get off the damn computer? yes


[x.] Current Clothes:boxers and gravity index
[x.] Currentt Mood: ok
[x.] Current Taste: Nothing
[x.] Current Hair: on my head
[x.] Current Annoyance: brother
[x.] Current Smell: house
[x.] Current thing you ought to be doing: nothing better to do
[x.] Current Book: 1984
[x.] Current DVD In Player: super trooper
[x.] Current Refreshment: n/a
[x.] Current Worry: shiz
[x.] Current Crush: don't know

On Dating....

[x.] Long or short hair? ?
[x.] Dark or blond hair? brunetter
[x.] Tall or short? don't care
[x.] Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? funny
[x.] Good guy or bad guy? i like em bad
[x.] Dark or light eyes? doesn't matter
[x.] Hat or no hat? i love em in hats
[x.] Pierced or no? un please
[x.] Freckles or none? mears
[x.] Stubble or neatly shaven? shaven
[x.] Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? n/a

On preferences....

[x.] Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? i don't like chocalte
[x.] McDonalds or Burger King? BK
[x.] Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? friend
[x.] Sweet or sour? Sweet
[x.] Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? neither
[x.] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? anything good
[x.] Cats or dogs? Dogs
[x.] Ocean or Pool? oceans
[x.] Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? ewwwww
[x.] Mud or Jell-O wrestling? y not
[x.] With or without ice-cubes? depends
[x.] Shine or rain? rain
[x.] Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? fall
[x.] Vanilla or Chocolate? neither
[x.] Gloves or mittens? Gloves
[x.] Eyes open or closed? open
[x.] Fly or breathe under water? breath under water
[x.] Bunk-bed or waterbed? neither
[x.] Chewing gum or hard candy? gum
[x.] Motor boat or sailboat? cano
[x.] Lights on or off? LIGHTS OFF
[x.] Chicken or fish? Chicken

[x.] Can you do anything freakish with your body? ?
Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
10:41 pm
during the announcements the did what at the time i thought was a stupid presentation but i guess now i understand. i watched my band director almost in tears and he told us when jfk and rfk were assinated, and it hit me this is what my kids wil ask me when there starting history, i was a witnes to the worst act of terror, i was sorta of cynical about it the whole day about we don't honner other important historical days like the attcak on perl harbor which led to the bigest war our contry faught, basicly we are free and i have the right to say fuck u who disagree with me on this, i work tomarrow and the day after that and the day ater that and 5 days after that. i am tired require sleeep.

Current Mood: free
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
11:52 pm
such a lovely night
i i got mears after school, had some fun(killed kyles trash cans) went to work, got to sit out side for like 15 minets it was so so s os so so so oso soso oso s soso so beautiful, i love nights when its cool but not warm a cold cool(if that makes any since) i hate working without my manager there because all the things he gets paid 10 an hour to do i only get 6.75(maybe 7.50 still unshure about raise) had a great day at school(as great as it could get) needsleep i want to sleep out side but no alarm clock to wake me in the morn.
Monday, September 9th, 2002
5:35 pm
little samy was a punk rocker
i am on this high right now with no chemiclas, i kept falling asleep today, need to read baeowolf(for have not even started and have test tomarrow) happy for a friend. get to pick up mears after school tomarrow(pack the party poppers) staying in tonight, i think, only day off work this week so i am going to enjoy it, foot ball game saterday at 2 i am going to be forced to attend if anybody wants to attend,and or hang after words until taxi driver, if i stay on my current saveings plan(god i have nothing better to do at school) i will have my car by april.

Current Mood: wicked cool
Sunday, September 8th, 2002
8:48 pm
fuck what u know
10 movies you love
1.) fight club
2.) requim for a dream
3.) pootie tang
4.) taxi driver
5.) pi
6.) sessions 9
7.) super trooper
8.) slc punk
9.) the crow
10.) the shaw shank redemption

9 people who have changed your life
1.) mears
2.) donna gladson
3.) sam ball
4.) jon
5.) mrs. bourroughs
6.) my parrents
7.) kyle
8.) scott senate
9.) byan thomas

8 of your obsessions
1.) bringing myself down
2.) music
3.) my back pack
4.) hats
5.) driving
6.) shoe laceing
7.) orginizeing my cds
8.) keeping clean

7 of your favorite songs
1.) thursday-streaks in the sky
2.) studet rick please forgive me
3.) rancid- ruby soho
4.) coal chamber- rowboat
5.) adam and his package- upside down
6.) so much for tomarrow
7.) algebra one- fire ball

6 things you love
1.) my back pack
2.) my friends
3.) most of the people i work with
4.) my big van
5.) speech team
6.) music

5 of the most beautiful people
1.) mears
2.) justine
3.) janis
4.) dez

4 of your favorite books
1.) marylin mansons book
2.) 1984
3.) of mice and men
4.) farinhight 451

3 things you dream of
1.) some one to love
2.) my cali trip
3.) cuddling all night

2 things that scare you
1.) myself
2.) looseing it all

1 person you trust with your life
1.) noone

i had this really scary dream, it was just me and mears pulled over the cop asked him to get out of the car he made him walk to the back put his hands behind his head the he shot him.

i am really afraid to go to sleep

Current Mood: all sorts of messed up
Friday, September 6th, 2002
9:47 pm
one of those days when everything is beautiful bun me.
y the fuck can't i have stop my self, i got board and i made 2 lists, one of people i have made out with and people i have fooled around with, the fooled around list has 4 more people, i couldn't even get a fucking date before softmore year, now i can't stop. i hold peoples emotions in my hand and set them off to the side until i am horney,i have 5 girls who want mne to call them when i am ready for a relationship... i never want one, i really liked alot of the people, now i can hadly look at them, i hate myself so much, y can't people accept the fact that when i am tired or stressed i am pissed off, i have never had some one ask me if i am mad when i am, y do u care anyways u all hate me..i haven't seen mears since fe day, i miss my little buddy, there is a girl at work tori she is the only person i see on a regular baseis who can make me smile now-a-days i work 6 days next week, 35 hours in all, plus school, and other shit,i will have the week after that mostly off though, mears might be going to centrals prom i might go too,,,,,,,,i feel like shit,,,,,,,,,,
FUCK thats all i can say.

Current Mood: worthless
Thursday, September 5th, 2002
11:31 pm
fuck u
every word u say is a nothe spike in my soal, u are the reason i can't commit, y only talk to me when u need something,

i am nothing but 4 wheels and a wallet to u

i think my fuck it attitude is starting to set in,

i went through today without emotion, just one flare up after school(i fucking said ask me during school not next to my car)

i am quiting my job if i am not makeing $7.50 in 2 weeks, kyles car didn't work so i gave him i ride to get his dad with his sister

there is something about looking under the hood that makes u think u know whats going on.

new lj in one week.

i hate u all (except the ones i love)

Current Mood: fuck it
Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
10:34 pm
my first survay
Outoftherowboat: i am going to fill out a mears survey
geekskater05: hahaha
Outoftherowboat: whats your favorite city? mears
geekskater05: hahaha
Outoftherowboat: whats your favorite charter buss? mears
geekskater05: YEEEEES, do it, and post it on your lj
Outoftherowboat: i will
geekskater05: favorite bassist? mears
Outoftherowboat: u know it
Outoftherowboat: fav friend?
Outoftherowboat: whos sexxy?
Outoftherowboat: mears!!
geekskater05: hell effin yes!!
10:06 pm
life is an endless drive alone,, might as well enjoy the ride
god, school and work suck when mixxed, i have no weekend, i have stage crew sat morning, then right after that marching band, then work until 10 then movie, then sleep, then work at 6 then back to school for stage crew at 1 until 5, but then i get sleep, but i want to hang out with some people shit i am going to be all sorts of tired. sitting areound being tired. everyone going to gremlins? i sure am, i only have one empty seat so call quick(takeing ashley and mears)

Current Mood: all sorts of tired
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
3:52 pm
i am here again
i was gone all weekend after i am down 2 3 hampsters only 1 belonging to me people start wanting one. i went to a family camp for church, i had more fun than i expected, i am back now.

my sister works sor the planet(a radio station in urbana) and she told me that they are going to have a winter festivel and nfg might be playing, which means she can get me and some friends in free, any body intrested?

i am driving to wiscion to get a cheese hat sometime, anybody wanna come.

i have no dates for these so don't make plans yet

Current Mood: ok
Friday, August 30th, 2002
4:05 pm
geting out
the school buzz is wereing off, i hate study hall, i got out i am in seans english class, me and him have all of our classes together, i was about to leave school today, i was like fuck whatever may come i just really didn't want to be there, only probablum was no where to go , i got a little shut eye in drama, i only have 3 classes i need to care about and only 1/2 credit until i have enough to graduate, but i have to stick this shit out, i am still kinda of happt tp see everyone but its getting old. there are alot of people i wish i spent more time with. i can't wait till speech starts.

P.S. if u want to get a ride home with me ask me during school. if u ask me afterwords i will say NO.

Current Mood: cranky
4:05 pm
geting out
the school buzz is wereing off, i hate study hall, i got out i am in seans english class, me and him have all of our classes together, i was about to leave school today, i was like fuck whatever may come i just really didn't want to be there, only probablum was no where to go , i got a little shut eye in drama, i only have 3 classes i need to care about and only 1/2 credit until i have enough to graduate, but i have to stick this shit out, i am still kinda of happt tp see everyone but its getting old. there are alot of people i wish i spent more time with. i can't wait till speech starts.

P.S. if u want to get a ride home with me ask me during school. if u ask me afterwords i will say NO.

Current Mood: cranky
Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
2:08 pm
today was the last first day ever
school is ok, i have no classes i hate(accept sudy hall wchich will become my english class). i need 4 years of english u can't take more than one year of english at once, y don't i have an english class, tried to see my councler but they were to busy... fuck my class runs as fallows

eb. gym(get to wave out for band)
1. band mr higgins is really cool lots of friends
2. gov. mr lawless cool old teacher get to hang with sean
3. study hall(most likely to become my english class)
4. drama mrs burrougs one of the coolest teachers of all time(my speech coach)
5. phisology- mr bowman hang with jamie and andy
6 graphic design mr mason cool teacher lots of buds

i think my senior yearwill be all cool

hung with mears and dan after fee day, triend to get ahold of justine she is not aloud out on school nights. went back to mears's went to ryons and watched j and sb strike back.

am changeing my sn soon, yeah its going to be friends only, so watch for the switch.

Current Mood: anxious
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